Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions of Entry to Zoo

  • Cars are parked in the Call of The Wild Zoo car park at their owner’s own risk and Call of the Wild Zoo cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to vehicles, their contents, or persons.

  • Call of the Wild Zoo can not be held accountable for lost property whilst visiting the zoo

  • Whilst we do offer blue light discounts on ticket admissions, this is an offer that can only be offered in person and not online as valid blue light card is required to be shown at time of purchase. Any tickets purchased online without discount being applied are non-refundable. T &Cs apply to this offer.

  • Visitors upgrading admission tickets to a Zoo Pass must have their own admission ticket for upgrading. Another person’s entry ticket cannot be used.

  • Zoo Passholders cannot gain admission to the Zoo without their valid pass.

  • Children under the Age of 16 must be always supervised by an adult whilst inside the Zoo

  • Call of the Wild Zoo reserves the right to request proof of age to ensure the correct ticket type is purchased.

  • Safety measures are to be always adhered to.

  • Bicycles, scooters, children’s cars, skate boards, roller blades, or roller skates are not permitted within Call of the Wild Zoo.

  • Footballs and other ball games are not permitted within the Zoo.

  • No dogs are allowed on any part of the Zoo site including our car park – except for guide and assistance dogs under specific conditions. Call of the Wild Zoo does not allow dogs to be left in cars, even with ventilation and water, anyone found leaving dogs in their car will be refused entry to the Zoo.

  • Photography for commercial use is not permitted without the expressed permission of Call of the Wild Zoo.

  • Visitors are admitted on condition that, if requested to do so, they consent to security checks on themselves and/or their belongings.  Management reserve the right to confiscate any item deemed as unsuitable or unsafe for use within Call of the Wild Zoo.

  • Call of the Wild Zoo will not tolerate physical or verbal threats towards its staff and operate a complete zero tolerance policy. Any visitors behaving inappropriately will be denied access to, or told to leave the Zoo, immediately without refund being made.

  • Call of the Wild Zoo is a smoke free family attraction. Smoking and vaping is strictly prohibited with the zoo grounds. Please only use our designated smoking area located outside of the zoo’s main entrance in the car park.

  • Call of the Wild Zoo offers a day out which attracts families and children. We are committed to creating an environment which ensures all families and young people feel safe and secure that prevents risk from any form of harm or abuse, always acting reasonably, we reserve the right to refuse admission, ban from entry, or remove any person whose behaviour may affect the safety of guests, staff, or children by acting in an inappropriate manner.

  • Please be aware that Call of the Wild Zoo is protected by 24-hour C.C.T.V surveillance cameras and video recording.

  • Call of the Wild Zoo reserves the right to close any or all parts of the zoo as necessary.

  • Non adherence of terms and conditions of entry will result in being told to leave the zoo immediately without any refund being given.

  • Visitors with disabilities can be accompanied by one assistant free of charge upon request and when verification of disability is shown.

  • All admission for Call of the Wild Zoo is non-refundable. 

  • Call of the Wild Zoo reserves the right to update these entry terms & conditions at any time without notice.

  • Call of the Wild Zoo will not tolerate abusive behaviour to its staff, any such behaviour could result in being asked to leave the zoo

  • All guests are advised not to touch the animals or feed the animals without the consent of our dedicated animal keeper team.

  • Visitors must leave the Zoo at or before the official closing times so that Zoo can be securely locked on time.

  • Cars can not be left in Call of the Wild overnight, as gates are locked and secured daily 30 mins after park closes.


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