Home education

Welcome to our educational sessions tailored for home-educating families at the zoo! We understand the unique learning needs of home-educated children, and our specially crafted sessions cater to two distinct age groups: ages 5 to 11 and ages 11 to 16.

Our interactive programs provide a dynamic blend of knowledge and adventure, allowing young learners to delve into the wonders of wildlife and conservation. For the younger group, ages 5 to 11, we offer hands-on experiences, engaging presentations, and guided tours designed to foster curiosity and discovery.

For the older age group, ages 11 to 16, we focus on in-depth discussions, critical thinking exercises, and exploration of conservation efforts, aligning with their advanced academic interests. These sessions run fortnightly (depending on feedback we receive) and last between 1 to 2 hours. Join us for an enriching educational journey where the fascinating world of animals becomes a classroom like no other!

How to book

To attend our Home education sessions, you are required to purchase a discounted annual pass before booking on to each individual session. These sessions will become available to book one week prior to the session date through our online booking system.


Let's talk!

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