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Meet the Meerkats

  • 22nd Aug - 31st Dec 2023
  • Open daily

Prepare to be enchanted by the mystique of servals at Call of the Wild Zoo! Join us for an engaging and informative talk, "Serval Secrets Unveiled," where you will delve into the world of these elegant and elusive African wildcats. Discover their unique characteristics, behaviours, and the important role they play in their natural habitat.


Learn about the distinctive appearance and physical features that make servals stand out among African wildlife.

Understand where servals are found in the wild and their ecological niche in the ecosystem.

Explore the fascinating hunting techniques and behaviours of servals, including their exceptional agility and keen sense of hearing.

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Gain insights into their dietary preferences and the critical role they play as predators in their habitat.

Explore how learning about servals can contribute to broader conservation efforts.


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